Pipeline Awareness for Maximum Risk Mitigation

The Service Center provides comprehensive public awareness services to U.S. and Canadian pipeline companies for regulatory compliance and risk management. Since our pipeline awareness services were introduced in 1989, we have pioneered in digital mapping for 25 years, conducted more than 750 pipeline communication projects and more than 450 pipeline project audits.

The Service Center (TSC) and Above & Below Ground Consultants (ABG) have collaborated for 20 years to provide oil and gas pipeline companies with cost-effective pipeline awareness campaigns, maximum risk mitigation, and regulatory compliance, with Recommended Practice (RP) 1162 and other regulations, according to guidance provided by the American Petroleum Institute (API).

About the Service Center, LTD. (TSC)

The Service Center, Ltd. provides multi-channel marketing and fulfillment services to the nation's most prominent Fortune 500 companies, including Coco-Cola, Toyota, Shell, and many others.

Founded in 1983, TSC has led the marketing industry in technology advancements during a time of unprecedented change.

Together, The Service Center and Above & Below Ground Consultants provide:

  • Complete Pipeline Awareness Program Planning & Implementation
  • Mapping of Pipeline Areas and Corridors
  • Targeting Stakeholder Audiences
  • Design, Printing and Mailing of Pipeline Awareness Safety Brochures
  • Website Development for Public Education
  • Media and Multi-Channel Communications
  • Analysis Evaluation and Reporting to Gauge Program Effectiveness
  • Comprehensive Compliance Documentation

By combining insight and expertise from Above & Below Ground Consultants and The Service Center, we provide our clients confidence in compliance and risk mitigation.

  • 25 years as innovation leader in pipeline awareness
  • One-Stop Shop - All Services are provided under one roof
    • Visual & Manual and Phone Verifications
    • Detailed Analysis of the Corridor & Pipeline
  • Pioneering digital mapping for 25 years
  • Total ownership of technology and data records
  • USPS certified mail house since 1983
  • Reduced Program Cost
    • Only Mail to Required Addresses
    • No Zip Code Saturation
  • Improved Compliance & Reporting
    • Audit Consultation
    • Extensive Data Storage
  • More than 750 pipeline awareness projects since 1989
  • More than 450 pipeline project audits

The Service Center and Above & Below Ground Consultants are your industry Veterans... "We understand your compliance needs."