The Pipeline Awareness Process

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER...This is YOUR Public Awareness Program and our role is to deliver the tools, talent and experience to help you ensure compliance and maximize risk mitigation.

Every service we provide is transparent to you. We want you to know everything you need to know to feel confident.

We take time to provide education on all work provided, so you can describe your program confidently in full detail to an auditor, regulator or associate.

There are many details in our pipeline awareness program, so we make ourselves readily available to answer any questions you may have at no additional cost to you.

Pipeline Awareness Process

What is the pipeline awareness process to ensure a pace-setting successful program?

Step 1: Written Plan Consultation

If requested. If you are satisfied with Step 1, proceed to Step 2... But before you do, ask yourself these questions...

  1. Am I concerned that I am missing the mark on a few items?
  2. Is there anything I might have inadvertently left out?
  3. Is my plan current with today’s requirements?

Give us an opportunity to review your current program and written plan, so we can set you on the right path to not only exceed your compliance, but enhance your program.

Step 2: Identify Stakeholder Audience Groups

  • Residents and Tenants
  • Businesses and Places of Congregation
  • Farmers and Ranchers
  • Emergency Responder - LEPC
  • Public Officials - Elected and Regulatory
  • Excavators and Contractors
  • Real Estate and Land Developers
  • High Consequence Areas (HCA)
  • Vessel Operators

These are the most frequently asked for SAGs (Stakeholder Audience Groups). We can provide others and you can select whichever SAG you want us to concentrate on.

We’ll help you define and identify each group. We have time-tested files that have been utilized successfully during audits and inspections. We double check everything and, eliminate "garbage" and duplicated records keeping only the pertinent records.

Step 3: Obtain Your Centerline Data/Define Pipeline Buffer

We’ll help you determine the best coverage by SAG, system and product and give you the logic for the distances we recommend.

Step 4: Generate Coverage Map for Review

We want you to see where we have placed your systems and the buffer zones, prior to commencement of work.

Step 5: After Approval of the map, We proceed with our mapping applications

  • In-house Mapping Staff with 20+ years of experience
  • On-site Programmers
  • Precision Point Roof top applications since 2006
  • Combination of 4 mapping applications for aerial viewing and confirmation
  • Combination of geo-coding software
  • Updated Quarterly
  • Constant Upgrades as the newest technologies become available
  • Phone verification with the USPS on questionable areas

We pride ourselves for a Corporate Culture of taking responsibility for identifying addresses that MUST be included in your program, while striving to eliminate those addresses that are not necessary, saving you project dollars.

Every time we map, we start from scratch... We do not use any old or stale database records or rely on previous aerials. To show you how comprehensive and diligent our program is, we will map out a small area of miles for you.

Call our sales office for a demo or tour of our facilities... 1-800-634-6549, x 0111

Step 6: Printing and Mailing Consultation

While mapping is in process we will design your mail effort. With 100’s of ideas at our fingertips, we can provide you with numerous options... From a simple postcard to a packet containing promotional materials. Graphics, translation services and photography is readily available. We also discuss adding response options to measure the effectiveness of your program.

Step 7: Identify Best Method to Evaluate Effectiveness

A very important aspect of your program should be to explore as many ways possible to measure the effectiveness of not only your mailings but ALL your safety efforts... be it a newspaper ad, radio spot, meeting, mailer, etc. There are numerous ways to gather data and the more methods you use, the higher your response:

  • URL
  • Toll Free Fax
  • QR Codes
  • Promo Codes
  • BRCs
  • IVR
  • Inbound/Outbound Telemarketing
  • Pre-analysis/Post Analysis Measurement
  • Person to Person Focus Group Measurement

How do you modify the respondent’s behavior?

We can offer suggestions on how to make the responses interactive, so that you educate your respondent properly and have a record that they thoroughly understand your message... you are Modifying their Behavior.

We are a full service provider of Sweepstakes, Contests and Drawings and can keep you legally clean at minimal pricing.

We are an ASI Distributor. All that means to you is that we can offer giveaway items at competitive pricing as an incentive to increase responses to your surveys.

Step 8: Finalizing Your Count

After our mapping department determines your SAG counts, we merge/purge your files to eliminate duplications, we scrub and clean your files for accuracy and elimination of useless records, we NCOA the files for highest accuracy and CASS the files for lowest postage rates, deliverability and expedited delivery. Then the printing commences.

Step 9: Finalizing the Mail File

While printing is in process, we prepare your records for mailing. Within days of your mail drop we NCOA and CASS the records a second time to meet postal requirements. The Service Center is a USPS certified data processor and mail house.

What does this mean to you? Your records will be processed per postal regulations and at the very lowest possible mail rates and the highest expedited delivery. All records are Delivery Point Validated and are all acquired as current from the USPS.

Step 10: Mail Processing

Once printing is complete we process the mail per postal regulations. We can provide DPV (Delivery Point Validation) reports as well. If your mail is significant, we have a program in place that determines if shipping the mailers to the NDC (USPS National Destination Centers) will save you additional postage dollars even after freight charges.

All mail is in USPS walking sequence.

Postage is passed through to our clients at cost...there is no markup. Postage is billed at the completion of your project.

Step 11: Analysis

So now you’ve got all these responses to BRCs, Fax numbers or Phone Surveys. We’ll give you 24/7, password protected, real time access to what we entered but also what your respondent entered on a URL or IVR or QR code.

What do you do with the data? Let’s see which medium is pulling best for you, so you can enhance your next cycle. Let’s look at the responses. Are the respondents getting your message? Are they retaining your message? Are there pockets of deficits? We analyze your results and make recommended supplemental actions. We'll provide these services to you, if you would like.

Have you determined your margin of error? In our book, even one incorrect response warrants an additional response action.

Want records name/phone appended? We can do that for you.

Want records geographically appended, such as number of employees, number of school children, etc.? We can do that for you.

Want to know the records' demographics such as ethnicity? We can help you with that.

Want to benchmark/analyze responses between programs or years? We can do that.

Step 12: Compliance and Documentation

Just because your mailing is done you are not through yet.

We have made sure the verbiage in your safety efforts meets RP1162 requirements. We’ve made sure you are reaching who you should within each respective SAG. We’ve made sure your message gets to the respondent an Now we need to provide you with additional compliance documentation.


  • Includes all of the applicable API RP1162 Baseline and Supplemental Activities
  • Standard Reporting
    • Certification Statement
    • USPS Documentation 3602's
    • Stakeholder Reports/Graphs
    • Stakeholder Address Listings/Summaries
    • Samples of the Direct Mail Piece
      • Multilingual
    • Public Awareness Program Letters (if mailed)
    • Pipeline System and Zip Code Mapping Overview
  • Customized Reports Per Client Request
    • Accessible 24/7 (Who's Data is it? IT'S YOURS!)
  • All Data and Shape Files Provided Digitally and Available to Upload...Or ask for our 24/7 online address ID
    • Real Time
    • Password Protected

We will put this in any format you want with the lats/longs per record. You can have it on CD, on Paper, in excel or word, or access or dbf, or on-line, or any combination thereof... just tell us what you need, and if you don’t tell us, we’ll ask. Our in-house on-site programmers provide web based reports, maps, analysis and summaries that can be downloaded or printed. The bottom line is we will provide your information in a format You Can Use!

Don't worry if you lose your data, as we provide extensive data storage, at no cost.