Our Team of Pipeline Awareness Experts

25 years as innovation leader in pipeline awareness

The Service Center team includes more than 100 employees on staff, with more than 30 FTEs dedicated to pipeline awareness progams for the pipeline industry.

Gale Pashia and Mike Diakiw are your "hands-on" pipeline awareness experts, responsible for administering and overseeing all pipeline awareness programs. On a full-time basis, The Service Center and Above & Below Ground Consultants has been collaborating on pipeline awareness programs since 1994. No other Service Provider comes close to this level of pipeline awareness expertise and experience.

Gale Pashia

Gale Pashia, with The Service Center, has worked in the direct mail industry for more than 35 years. She has served as President of the Houston Direct Marketing Association, Vice President of the Business Marketing Association and an Executive Board Member of the Houston Postal Customer Council. Gale was involved in producing the very first public awareness pipeline brochure for Exxon in 1979, and instrumental in developing the stakeholder mapping system used by pipeline companies today for public awareness and safety programs. Gale and the team at The Service Center provide clients with a full range of services for the mapping, design, production and distribution of public awareness brochures.

"I believe that these mailers can save a life. That’s why I am so happy to know that the management and associates at The Service Center refuse to take short cuts in identifying who gets them. I pray that the recipients take the information our clients send to them as seriously as we do."

Mike Diakiw

Mike Diakiw, Owner of Above & Below Ground Consultants, has worked in the oil, gas and pipeline industry for more than 30 years. Mike was responsible for the Public Awareness, Education & Damage Prevention Programs during his employment at ARCO Pipeline Company. Mike also has extensive "Upstream & Downstream" oil and gas experience, including but not limited to: Acquisitions & Divestitures, Asset Negotiations, Legal Contracts, Land & Right-of-Way Real Estate experience, is a past committee member of API’s Pipeline industry’s Public Education & Emergency Preparedness Committee, and a past Board of Director of TESS (One-Call Center in Texas).

"In 1995 when I first said to a prospective Client, Relax, we’ve got you covered, I was not only attempting to convey a high level of confidence in our services but I was also trying to impart to that Client that they understood we are serious and we have an inherent level of competency involved in conducting and providing our services that went BEYOND just going through the motions! When services are provided competently the results are completed successfully and a high level is achieved. Our Clients can be at ease both from a compliance standpoint and a corporate social responsibility point of view! Competency comes with working knowledge and we were in the pipeline industry long before RP 1162 and did not become a pipeline expert overnight!"