Why rely on TSC/A&ABG?

Risk Mitigation – Pipeline Awareness

Regulatory compliance is only a threshold. We are partners together with you in maximizing your risk mitigation through pipeline awareness programs.

  • 25 years as innovation leader in pipeline awareness
  • 20-year collaboration with ABG to enhance risk mitigation in pipeline awareness
  • Diligent, Comprehensive Mapping Applications
  • Pipeline Industry Competency
  • In-house, Onsite IT Programming
  • User Friendly Online Access 24/7 in Real Time
  • In-house Services
  • Un-Matched Customer Services
  • Knowledgeable and Helpful
  • Easily Transmittable Marketing Services
  • Storage
  • Financial Strength
  • Time Tested Successful Audit & Inspection Compliance

Since 1989, we have conducted more than 750 pipeline projects and assisted in more than 450 pipeline project audits.

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"Your customer service follow up during our recent PHMSA Inspection was by itself worth the price of the entire program."

Comment from a Major Pipeline Client

"Not only did we receive a great compliance oriented program, you also saved us thousands of dollars in creating our new Stakeholder brochure."

Comment from a Major Pipeline Client

"Without your assistance in developing enhancements to our written plan and conducting the program timely, we were out of compliance."

Comment from a Small Pipeline Client

"When the Inspector realized and understood that you guys conducted our program, they had already seen your compliance documentation and understood it, so all went well!"

Comment from Mid-size Pipeline Client